Renaissance Gold Inc. ("RenGold") is a Nevada-based gold/silver focused exploration company that emerged as a "spin-out" from the recent acquisition of AuEx Ventures, Inc. by Fronteer Gold, Inc.. RenGold has applied for listing on the TSX-V trading under the symbol "REN" and expects to commence trading with approximately 25,000,000 shares "fully diluted" and with 2 years of operating capital in the bank.

Exploration Expertise: RenGold is confident that its extensive exploration experience and high end technical capability that guided AuEx to a major discovery at Long Canyon, Nevada will continue to lead the company forward. The future is bright with new opportunities, new discoveries and potential growth in shareholder value.

Joint Venture Business Plan: The Company believes that the joint venture business model is the most effective exploration strategy for non-revenue generating junior explorers. By adopting this business plan, RenGold chooses to accept dilution in their exploration property positions rather than dilution for their shareholders. RenGold is committed to minimizing risk by developing a portfolio of exploration projects and leveraging out exploration risk to joint venture partners. By maintaining a tight share structure, success on any single project can create significant value for share holders.

Innovative Technology: RenGold employs leading edge exploration technology and has developed proprietary techniques for processing satellite, geophysical and geochemical data to identify alteration and geologic features related to mineral deposits. It is this process of "refining the art of mineral exploration" that gives RenGold an exploration advantage.

Exploration Portfolio: RenGold's current portfolio of precious metal exploration targets is located in Nevada/Utah and the United States, Argentina, Spain. As of October 2010, 17 projects are in exploration earn-in agreements with 10 companies who provide funding for exploration activities on the projects. RenGold will continue to apply its technical skills and experience to seek additional exploration projects to grow the portfolio and replace projects that have been discontinued.

The traction developed by AuEx allows RenGold to commence business "on the run" and to be well positioned for exploration success.

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