Renaissance Gold Inc.


News Releases

October 24, 2018  Drilling Commences on Ecru Project
October 17, 2018  Renaissance Gold Exploration Update
October 12, 2018  Metals Investor Forum Interview with Renaissance Gold's President and CEO, Robert Felder.
September 26, 2018  Renaissance Gold Listed on OTCQB
September 17, 2018  Renaissance Gold Confirms Planned Follow-up Drilling Program at its Silicon Project
August 17, 2018  Renaissance Gold Quoted on the Pink Open Market and DTC Eligible
August 14, 2018  Renaissance Gold Grants Stock Options
August 02, 2018  Renaissance Gold Signs Agreement with Newmont to Expand its Ecru Project, Lander County, Nevada
August 01, 2018  Follow-up Drilling Commences on Renaissance Gold's Jupiter Project
July 24, 2018  Follow-up Drilling Program Begins on Renaissance Gold's Spruce East Project

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